Alaska Futsal League (AFL)
How do I join a Alaska Futsal League team?
Those interested in playing in the 2018 Fall Session Futsal League must be a current registered Alaska Youth Soccer player, and be rostered on an affiliate team. Registration will be done by the team manager, or coach on the AYSA website.
How many players are allowed on a team?
Roster size for all divisions will be a minimum of 7 players, and a maximum of 11 players. (SMALLER TEAMS = MORE PLAY TIME)
Will there be a discount for multiple teams?
Yes. A competitive team that enters their team as two futsal teams will receive a $50 discount off the second team entry.fee.
Are Teams formed in True Age Divisions?
Yes. The AFL League goal is to maintain the integrity of the league and provide an opportunity for as many players as possible to play the game of Futsal. For the 2018 season we ask that teams register within their True Age. Alaska Youth Soccer will follow the of U.S. Soccer PDI standards and Guidelines. Teams that register outside of their age group while maintaining a true age roster will be moved to the appropriate division. Rosters will be reviewed by the AYSA Director of Coaching to ensure that teams are placed properly to ensure appropriate competition. Exceptions to true age groups should be addressed with the Director of Coaching for approval. 2018-2019 Age Chart
Will age groups be combined?
Yes. Each division must have at least four registered teams to be a valid division. AYSA reserve the right to drop or combine divisions or age groups. For the 16-U older teams with mixed age groups, registration will be at the age of the oldest player on the roster.
What is the game format?
The game format is 5v5 (4+GK), with two equal periods of 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.
Will games be played only on weekends?
Yes. Games are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday starting as early as 9am to 9pm; some games maybe played on Friday. Due to the combined league size and composition the customary schedule could affect the target plans. The schedule is dictated by the court times AYSA secured through the facilities.
Where will the League games be played?
AFL will for the 2018 session schedule games in Anchorage, Ketchikan, and Homer. Additional games maybe scheduled in alternate Districts if team registrations justifies the alternate location.
How does a team qualify for Futsal State Cup?
Teams and players must play within the AFL League to qualify to attend the Alaska Futsal State Cup; teams entered out of District must play at least three sanctioned games to qualify for State Cup.
Where will Game Venues be?
Games are scheduled at available facilities in each District Areas; AFL will use The Arctic Center (ARC), SPARC; Homer, KYSL Facilities, Anchorage School District, FNSBSD; updated locations are being reserved at this time.
Will player cards and futsal team rosters be required for league games?
Yes. Rosters and player cards will be verified by the referee at each game for 10-U and older Divisions.
Will 10-U Standings be posted?
The referee will record the scores, and report them to AYSA for 12-U and older Divisions; the 10-U Divisions will not keep standings.
Will competitive club pass be allowed?
Yes. To ensure that all scheduled games are played, the team may borrow three players to "club pass" for each game; please refer to the Club Pass for Competitive Leagues Policy, age guidelines, and the limited number of games to be played by one player in a twenty-four (24) hour period. The roster size must not exceed the maximum number of players per game.
Will coaches with multiple teams be accommodated?
Alaska Youth Soccer will accommodate coaches with multiple teams by scheduling them with back-to-back games at the same facility as much as possible. We encourage you to split your outdoor teams into two futsal teams.
Adult Verification and Code of Conduct:
Alaska Youth Soccer requires that each adult working within the youth program have submitted and passed their annual AYSA Adult Background Check..All adults working with youth (coach, manager, chaperone, administrator) will submit a background check application in the AYSA system to be processed by AYSA. The adult applicant will also read the AYSA Code of Conduct, and complete the online Abuse Prevention Systems Training provided through their club/ association.
AFL Refund Policy; You may cancel your registration any time prior to the registration deadline and receive a refund of your fees minus a $150 administrative charge. After the deadline, there are no refunds.