Tournament Information
Registration: Nov 1 - Dec 2, 2018- (No late registrations accepted)
Team Entry $425
Early Reg- $400 (ends 11/7/18)
Dates- Dec 14 -16, 2018
Locations- O'Malley Sports Center and Arctic Rec Center

Single Year Divisions
AFL's goal is to provide appropriate competition for teams and players. When possible, single year division competition will be designated. When registration closes, teams registered will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and divisions assigned. The objective will be to have as many viable single year divisions as possible. There must be at least four registered teams to be a division.
Team Requirements
Team representative will check-in the team two-hours prior to first game. Roster will lock on Dec 13, no roster changes after this date.
• Provide (6) Tournament Rosters
• Team Affidavit of Certification
• Provide Player Medical Release
• Provide Player/Adult Cards
• Roster List Technical Area Staff (coach, manager, DOC/ TD)
***(Team will submit Technical Staff to AYSA by 12/5 for Event Passes)
Alaska Futsal League Forms
Futsal Team Roster Log-in
2018-2019 Age Group Chart
Team Affidavit of Certification
Laws of the Game
State Cup Format & Rules
Concussion Notification Form
Incorrect Score Reporting
Futsal State Cup Protest
Team Check-In
Team representative will check-in at least two-hours prior to first game. Teams MUST provide roster & player cards for games.Teams must submit Technical Staff to AYSA by 12/5 for Event Passes- All adults on the court must have an Event Pass)

2018 Alaska Futsal State Cup
The Alaska Futsal State Cup Tournament
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When: December 14- 16, 2018
Where: O'Malley Sports Center and the Arctic Rec Center, Anchorage, AK
Rules: Alaska Futsal State Cup will abide by the AYSA Tournament, and FIFA Futsal Rules.
Qualification: Only AFL League players and teams currently registered in the 2018 League, registered under the AYSA umbrella, and in good standing with AYSA are eligible to participate. Players and teams must be Alaskan based and Alaska residents to participate and register.
Team registration will be open on November 1, 2018 for the Alaska Futsal State Cup tournament. The team must be in good standing within the league for the application to be accepted. The State Cup fee will be due at the time of registration.
Players and teams must play within the AFL League to qualify to attend State Cup. Teams entered out of District must play atleast three sanctiond games to qualify for State Cup.
Format: Divisions are single year; 10-U through 19-U both Boys and Girls Teams.
Divisions must have at least four (4)- registered teams to be a valid division. AYSA reserves the right to drop/ combine divisions/ age groups. 16-U older team registration will be at the age of the oldest player on the roster. Club Pass will not be allowed for the tournament.
AFL State Cup Rules and Guidelines
Team Affidavit of Certification
Tournament Logo

Alaska Futsal State Cup Q & A

How many players allowed on a team? Roster size will be minimum of 7 players, and a maximum of 12 players. (only 11 dressed out per game); non-participating player may be on the bench but not in team uniform, nor wearing shirts that are the same color of their, or, the opposing team. Field is at 5 players per side, 4 field players plus GK; minimum of 3 players to start or continue play.

No Dual Rostering allowed. Players and teams currently registered in the 2018 League, registered under the AYSA umbrella, and in good standing with AYSA are eligible to participate. Players and teams must be Alaskan based and residents to register.

What is the game format? The format is 5v5 (4+GK), with two equal periods of 22 minutes, with a 2-minute half time

Where will Game Venues be? Games are scheduled at O'Malley Sports Center and Arctic Rec Center. All teams are required to list an assistant coach on the roster for conflicts by game time or location.

Will player cards be required for the tournament? Yes. Approved, dated, and stamped rosters and player member cards will be verified by the referee at each game.

Will Event Passes be used? Yes.Team roster will list Technical Area Staff (coach, manager, DOC/ TD) and submit Technical Staff to AYSA by 12/5 for Event Passes. All adults on the futsal court must have an Event Pass.

Will 10-U Standings be posted? Yes. The referee will record the scores, and report them to AYSA for 10-U and older Divisions.

Will competitive club pass be allowed? Yes prior to the roster lock, you may club pass a registered AFL player to a team for the tournament, but once the roster locks they must remain on the roster team that was submitted. The AFL State Cup Roster will be locked prior to the start of the tournament with no additions allowed after that date.

Guest Players Allowed? Yes. Registered AFL players may transfer from a club team not participating in Futsal State Cup to a club team that is participating. Transfer Fees will apply. The team accepting a player from a non-participating team for Futsal State Cup will only be allowed two (2) Temporary Transfer approvals for their Futsal State Cup roster.

Will coaches with multiple teams be accommodated? Alaska Youth Soccer will accommodate coaches with multiple teams by scheduling games within a reasonable timeframe if possible. All teams are required to list an assistant coach on the roster for conflicts by game time or location.

Adult Verification and Code of Conduct: Alaska Youth Soccer requires that each adult working within the youth program have submitted and passed their annual AYSA Adult Background Check. All adults working with youth (coach, manager, chaperone, administrator) will submit a background check application in the Stack Sport system to be processed by AYSA. The adult applicant will also read the AYSA Code of Conduct, and complete the online Abuse Prevention Systems Training provided through their club/ association.

AFL Refund Policy; Cancel registration any time prior to the registration deadline to receive a refund of your fees minus a $200 administrative fee. After the deadline, no refunds.

Tournament Highlights
Team/ Player Awards
Fair Play Award (1Team Per Div)
Referee of the Match (Female/Male)
Team Spirit Award
Most Incredible Shot Award
Most Dependable Player Award
AFL- Manager Award
AFL- Coach Award
Best Cheerer Award (Spectator)
--Award recipients will receive soccer equipment or gift cards

Individual Fair Play Awards
Match officials will recognize players throughout the tournament for their sportsmanship on the futsal court. Be sure to take your photo with your “AYSA Fair Play” pin with the “I am a Game Changer” Banner! #fairplaypins
Award Ceremonies
Award Ceremonies will be held at the designated location at the end of each Championship Game. First Place Team and Second Place Team are expected to attend the ceremony. Players and coaches will be awarded individual medals.
AFL Award Selections- January 2018
Team Fair Play Awards;
10UB- Valley Revolution 08B
10UG- Cook Inlet S.C. 09G
11UG- Valley Revolution 07G
12UB- AK Rush 06/07B United
12UG- Arsenal 06/07G
14UB- Arsenal 04B White
14UG- Cook Inlet S.C. 05G
19UB- AK Rush 01B
19UG- Cook Inlet S.C. 01/02G

Team Spirit- Arsenal 06/07G
Incredible Shot- Ellie Schuld; Valley Revolution 05G
Dependable Player- Hayden Galloway; AK Rush 01B
Manager- Cherry Galloway/Nicole Christopherson; AK Rush 01B
Coach- Will Lucero; AYSC Arsenal
Best Cheerer- Charles Fedullo

Referee of the Match;
Female- Angelica Ochoa
Male- James Perryman
AK Futsal State Cup- January 2018
U10B- Valley Revolution 08B
U10G- Cook Inlet S.C. 08G
U11G- Valley Revolution 07G
U12B- Valley Revolution 06B
U12G- Cook Inlet S.C. 06G Blue
U13B- Cook Inlet S.C. 05B
U14B- Cook Inlet S.C. 04B Blue
U14G- Cook Inlet S.C. 04G Blue #1
U19B- Arsenal 02/03B
U19G- Valley Revolution 99G