Alaska Adult Verification Policy and US Youth Soccer Seasonal Passes
US Youth Soccer member passes (coach/ manager card) will be issued through the approved Alaska Youth Soccer (AYSA) State website and program. Affiliate Clubs and /or Associations must establish an account with Got Sport. Adults working with affiliates are required to be registered in the State Registration Program.
Adults over the age of 18 who may have the opportunity to have direct interaction or unmonitored access with amateur athletes as a representative of Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) and all covered Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) Member Organizations such as clubs, leagues and associations are required to an annual cleared Background Check, review the (AYSA) Code of Conduct, certification of SafeSport.
Zero Tolerance for Abuse; Adult Verification Policy is intended to create a safe and nurturing environment in which athletes may receive the benefits unique to sports participation, preparation, and competition.The training will provide better understanding of the risk of child sexual abuse, information necessary to protect athletes from abuse, and the responsibility to act in the best interest of the athlete. Required for all adults participating in (AYSA) Affiliate Member Associations programs/ leagues.
NOTE: Before regular contact with an amateur athlete begins the adult must clear the background check and within the first 35 days of taking on the role giving them access to youth participants must complete the initial SafeSport training. A refresher course is required on an annual basis effective the calendar year following the completion of the initial training.
All Affiliate Member adults; coaching staff, directors, administrators, employees, BOD Members, volunteer coaches, team managers, trainers, chaperones, club volunteers, and certified referees. The policy will be used for all (AYSA) employees, contract staff, contract coaches, and BOD Members; Adult Verification Policy

Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA): The policy requires each adult to submit an (AYSA) annual background check, review the AYSA Code of Conduct, and complete the SafeSport training. If an affiliate member is found to be not in compliance with the Adult Verification Policy; they will be referred to the (AYSA) Compliance and Disciplinary Committee. The Committee can place the member on a probationary period to correct the non-compliance issue. Continued non-compliance with (AYSA) Policies and Procedures may result in the members suspension or removal as a member.
Any person accused of committing a prohibited act or any act considered to be harmful to a child will be immediately suspended from all Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) activities. Any person in violation of US Soccer, US Youth Soccer and/or (AYSA) policies will be subject to the current (AYSA) Procedures for Disciplinary Actions and Appeals & Grievances and Complaints and Appeals. Suspension will continue during any investigation by law enforcement or other agencies.
Report a Concern
Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) zero tolerance for abuse, (AYSA) encourages a culture of communication regarding matters that place athletes at risk. (AYSA) supports a culture of communication related to abuse or suspected abuse of athletes. If you see or suspect inappropriate interaction with or between athletes, or an athlete and volunteer it is your responsibility to report the inappropriate interaction to a Club Official / Representative and Alaska Youth Soccer.
The report must be within a 24-hour Period of Awareness. Federal regulations state that reports should be made to a) local law enforcement and b) local/state child protective services, c) US Soccer, and d) the US Center for SafeSport. EVERYONE IS A MANDATORY REPORTER. Reporting organizations contact information and phone numbers can be found below and on the (AYSA) Contact Numbers Sheet.
REPORTING AGENCIES: (Reporting Contacts Below- All 4 Steps Must be Taken)
1) LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT: (Agency near you) a) Alaska State Troopers b) Child Protective Services: (800) 478-4444
2) ALASKA YOUTH SOCCER: (AYSA) Representative Immediately a) (907) 887-6550 or b) alaskayouthsoccer@gmail.com
3) NATIONAL GOVERNING BODY (NGB)- US Soccer Integrity Hotline: a) (312) 528 -7004 or b) https://www.ussoccer.com/integrity-hotline
4) SAFE SPORT (US Center for SafeSport): https://www.safesport.org/report-a-concern
(AYSA) Code of Conduct Policy is set to protect those who make a report of a violation of the Code of Conduct Policy. Retaliation against individuals making good faith reports of misconduct is expressly prohibited. (AYSA) takes any and all reports of inappropriate misconduct, behavior, bullying, or suspicions of abuse seriously.
Code of Conduct is to provide evidence of (AYSA) commitment to the lawful and ethical conduct of its members and participants and to protect those who report violations consistent the Whistleblower Policy; AYSA090109. Policy is intended to supplement but not replace any applicable state or federal laws governing behavior.
Federal Law: (Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017) was signed and immediately put into effect on February 14, 2018. Individual who fails to report suspected child sexual abuse is subject to criminal penalties including fines/ up to one (1) year in jail.