2020 Far West Regional Championships
Boise, ID
Schedule /Standings

Tournament Details
Tournament Schedule:
Preliminary Games - Monday, Championship Elimination Rounds Friday
Team Credentials
Date: Sunday, TBD
Location: TBD
Meeting Room: TBD
Team Credential: TBD
Hotel Address: TBD
Reminder:- Managers will also need to have a 2019/2020 Current Medical Release for each player, and a copy of the player’s Birth Certificate that is required to have on hand for the tournament. They will be required for team credentials including the player /coach member cards.
Region IV Announcement
FWR Protocol for Red Cards

Because of risk management concerns, a new protocol on red cards will be tested at the NCS regional tournaments in Region I and Region IV. The change is as follows:

Red carded players will be allowed to remain on the team bench for the remainder of the game from which they are ejected. They will no longer be removed to the spectator side of the field. Team officials will be responsible for monitoring the player's behavior for the remainder of the game. Ejected players who continue to be disruptive will be removed by a state representative and will be subject for suspension for the remainder of the tournament.

Red carded coaches will continue to be sent completely away from the game site.
Team Roster Guidelines
At least 9 players from the original State Cup Roster must stay on the team to patriciate and be registered.
Players cannot play in both Far West Regional or Presidents Cup
All players must be properly registered in accordance with US Youth Soccer, players must be currently living in Alaska, and registered for play as a current member of Alaska Youth Soccer.
No out of state players may be rostered to teams. (Split custody in between different states situations must be discussed with the State Office prior to rostering).
There are no guest players on FWR/PC rosters. All players must be properly registered to the club and team prior to the March 15, 2020 Roster Deadline
Player on State Cup Team; moves to another Team after Sept 1, are still eligible to play at Regional event.
Club players are eligible to be rostered through the intra club pass program.
No guest players allowed for Western Region Tournament. If you are attending Presidents Cup, you can choose to add a player for the event by submitting the Temporary Transfer Release prior to the deadline (No Out of State Players Allowed).
Far West Regional attendees may use the Club Pass Program only.


Alaska Teams Attending- 2020
Alaska Team Deadlines
September 15- Register Team
October 15- Team Deposit
March 1- Team Profile
March 15 - Initial Team Roster
April 15- Final Team Roster
June 16- Team Check-in
Manager Book
Team players Current Medical Release and Birth Certificate required on hand during tournament games; including the player /coach member cards.
Tournament Schedule
Round Robin: June 17 - 20
Quarters: June 21
Semis: June 22
Finals: June 23
Downloads and Links
Program Specific Rules
FWR Official Housing -2019
Stay To Play Policy 2019
Team Code of Conduct
Far West Regional Website
Championship Game Times
Heat Illness Guidelines
FWR Medical / Trainers
Team Commitment Timeline
Champion Teams Commitment
State Cup Refund Policy
Manager Log-in to Update Roster
Team Profile
Simplot Sports Complex; Field Map