Competitive Tryouts 2020-2021 (August 3 - September 2, 2020)

Competitive Player Transfer
Transfer Policy
Player Transferring from one Affiliate Club and / or Association to another Affiliate Club and / or Association during current Alaska seasonal year must complete the Release and Transfer Form. The intent of this policy is to ensure that competitive players are released from their current Affiliate Club team commitment and remain in good standing with Alaska Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) and US Youth Soccer.
Transfer Definition
A transfer is defined as the process by which a player changes club affiliation, moving from one club and re-registering to a team within a different club within the same seasonal year. US Youth Soccer and Alaska Youth Soccer seasonal year runs from September 1 - August 31..
Competitive Player Transfers
Competitive players are to be properly registered to an Affiliate Club for the soccer seasonal year; a transfer will be required once player has committed to the Club even if no games or practices have occurred.
The transfer procedure applies to the player that is transferring from their Registered/ Affiliate Club (with the opportunity of placement within the current club) to another Club that is forming/expanding a team in their age division.
The Transfer Procedure applies to the player that is transferring from their Registered/ Affiliate Club, to another Club regardless of the player status (Competitive, Recreational Team/League Registration).
Alaska Open Tryout Window
The Transfer for Competitive Player procedure will not apply to the player that is transferring from within the state thirty-day open tryout window which starts directly after the completion of the Alaska State Cup Tournament; there will be no paperwork, fee or wait period required. All Players Financial Obligations must be met with the current Registered Affiliate Club and / or Association in order to change clubs. Once the player commits to a Club at any time period a transfer will be required even if no games or practices have occurred.
Supplemental Tryouts
A player wishing to attend a tryout with another club first must be released by their current club. Transfer guidelines are to be followed to stay in an accordance to the US Youth Soccer Rule 201. Section 3.and the (AYSA) Anti-Enticement-Recruitment Policy.
Supplemental Tryouts (April 15 - May 15); if a player is not officially released by (AYSA), they must present a completed Alaska Youth Soccer (AYSA) Transfer and Release form signed by the parent and releasing club. These tryouts are considered Restricted.(Transfer guidelines apply)
Transfer Procedure
There will be a required 7-Day wait period for the transferred player. The player may not participate in games or practices or be listed on a roster or have an Alaska Youth Soccer (AYSA) / US Youth Soccer Player Pass issued by either team. The player will only be permitted to practice with the accepting Club team during the wait period with the approval by the (AYSA) Office. An exception of the 7-Day wait period may be granted with extenuating circumstances with approval by the (AYSA) Office
The Release and Transfer Form requires a transfer fee of $75 payable to (AYSA) at the time of submission. Payment must be received for the Release and Transfer request to be processed.
The player transferring from one Club to another Club must complete the (AYSA) Release and Transfer Form and receive approval by (AYSA); prior to committing to the new Club and registering for the new team.
Transfer for Competitive Player Policy
Transfer and Release Form
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