Alaska Development Program
Alaska Youth Soccer ADP Program
The Alaska Development Program (ADP) is an Alaska Youth Soccer run umbrella program offering statewide high-level training opportunities that identify a pool of exceptional players; providing development and enhance competitive experiences for the players in the state of Alaska. The ADP Program offers multiple statewide and in district trainings, camps, tournaments, and identification events for players.
The Alaska Development Program (ADP) host a yearly Sub-Regional Residential Camp with West Region /National Team Staff Coaches in Anchorage, Alaska. The ADP/ ODP Program participates in out of State Tournaments.
What is the USYS Olympic Development Program
What is ODP

Purpose: The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program was formed in 1977 to identify players and create a player pool in each age group from which a National Team will be formed. As a State association, we are tasked to provide high-level training to benefit and enhance the development of players at the highest level. Through the use of carefully selected and licensed coaches, we form a State Pool within each age group to showcase and compete at the Region 4 ODP Championships and select Region 4 events. The Alaska Development Program, was created for players that are either too young or too old to compete at ODP Championships. Current Organization: From 1982 until the present, international events for youth national teams have increased substantially. US Youth Soccer ODP has kept pace by instituting trials and player pools for five age groups for both Boys and Girls

How are Players Selected: Players are selected, in Alaska, on the basis of an open tryout. The tryouts are conducted by Alaska ODP Staff Coaches, who are recognized for their ability to identify and train players with superior skills. Selection of these players is not an easy task. The AYSA Director of Coaching or State Coach will, in most cases, be assisted in the selection process by several other qualified coaches from the club level. Players are evaluated on the four components that make up a soccer player:

  1. Technique (individual skill)
  2. Tactics (function inside of a team)
  3. Fitness and Athletic Ability (physical attributes)
  4. Psychological Component (attitude and mental fortitude)

What are the Benefits of Participating in US Youth Soccer ODP:

  1. Development as a player. The opportunity to train and play with the best players in one's age group.
  2. Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  3. Quality competition. Games against other state association ODP teams.
  4. Exposure to regional and national team coaches.
  5. The opportunity to represent one's state, region, or country in competition.
  6. Exposure to college coaches.

What is the Sub-Regional Camp: The sub-regional camp offers players the opportunity to work with and be trained by the Regional Staff Coaches inside their own environment. The information gathered at this event allows coaches to use the data gathered and compare in real world environment at ODP Championships to make educated decisions on player's abilities to go on and compete at Regional Camp.

What is Regional Camp: US Youth Soccer is divided into four regions, each which offers a regional camp for state association ODP teams in each eligible age group. The camps are designed to provide high level competition and training for participating players. During this training and competition, players who are capable of performing at a higher level of play are identified for possible national team camp, Regional pool, or Regional team participation. Each region varies somewhat as to the specifics and the cost of their camps

What is National Camp: National Camps and Interregional events are held throughout the year at various locations in the United States. The National Team Coach or a National Staff Coach is present at these events to observe, train, and identify players for placement in the national pool or on a national team.

Alaska Pathway: Club Team<ODP State Team; ODP State Team<Regional Team; Regional Team<National Team