League Information
Registration: 7-30-19 - 9-30-19
League Dates: 10-12-19 - 12-08-19
League: 7 Games (Sat - Sun)
Cost: $350 Team Entry Fee*
Divisions- (2019-2020 Year)
U9-U16 Competitive
U17-U19 HS Competitive
U9-U19 Recreational
State Cup Dates- 2019
December 7- 8 (U19)
December 13- 15 (U10-U16)
Futsal State Cup 2018
2019 Session Game Locations
AFL Locations Anchorage, Ketchikan, Homer, Fairbanks.
2019 Futsal Referee Registration
Futsal Entry Level/ Re-Certification
Sep 14, 2019- Anchorage (#30053)
Sep 28, 2019- Ketchikan (#30054)
Alaska Futsal League (AFL)
Team Discount
Teams that enters their team as two or three futsal teams will receive $50 off each additional entries.

Alaska Youth Soccer
Alaska Futsal League (AFL)
2019 AFL Fall Session
AFL League Rules
AFL Policy, Rules and Forms
Alaska Youth Soccer (AYSA) is excited to kick off the third year of the Alaska Futsal League (AFL). AFL is an Alaska Youth Soccer run umbrella program offering statewide high-level futsal instruction, league games, coach, referee development.
The AFL 2019 Session will consist of an Seven-Game Session that will be played throughout Alaska Open to Recreational and Competitive AYSA members. Team rosters will be set as Min Roster: 7 players, Max Roster: 11 players. Format: 5v5 (4+GK).
New**: The schedule will work around ADP trainings, trips,and school closures.The scheudle will allow for zero conflict with teams participating in The DOME League,Team Waiver form requesting to play up an age group, additional team discounts, and a schedule that will allow for more competitive games.
The Alaska Futsal League (AFL) for the 2019 session will schedule games in Anchorage, Ketchikan, and Fairbanks. Additional games maybe scheduled in alternate Districts if team registration justifies the alternate location.
The League schedule will have games played Saturday and Sunday. The schedule will work around ADP trainings, The Dome League, and no games will be played Nov 29 - Dec 1.
Divisions must have at least four registered teams to be a valid division. AYSA reserve the right to drop or combine divisions or age groups. For the 16-U older teams with mixed age groups, registration will be at the age of the oldest player on the roster.
Players, coaches and teams must be currently registered under the AYSA umbrella, and in good standing to be eligible to participate. All players and teams must be Alaskan based and residents to register for the league.
Futsal State Cup: (U9-U16) December 13- 15, 2019. Teams and players must play within the AFL League to qualify to attend the Alaska Futsal State Cup; teams out of District must play at least 4 sanctioned games to qualify.(Fee Adjustment for 4 or 6 game reg)
Futsal State Cup: (U17-U19 HS Competitive) December 7- 8, 2019 to allow teams to participate and to also participate in the ADP Timbers Alliance Showcase (Dec 12-15)
Alaska Districts and Clubs Breakdown:
Anchorage- Alaska Rush, AYSC, Cook Inlet S.C.
Fairbanks- Eclipse S.C., Fairbanks Rush
Mat-Su- Chugiak S.C., Crossfire, Palmer S.C., Valley Revolution
Kenai Peninsula- KPSC, Soccer Association of Homer
Southeast- Juneau S.C., Ketchikan (KYSL)
About the Game of Futsal in Alaska & the AFL League
Alaska Youth Soccer recognizes the statewide Futsal League will serve as a venue and a pathway for the state's youth soccer players to further develop their skills in all levels and ages while providing opportunities to become elite players on the State level along with the promotion of club development and growth.
The Futsal League will offer recreational and competitive levels for youth and cup-based competition while encouraging good sportsmanship and fair play of all the participants. Future plans include state-wide futsal Camp and Clinic training opportunities for player development. There will also be an opportunity to apply for individual Equipment Grants to District Clubs to assist with the development of their Futsal programs.
The seven-week League- provides Futsal game opportunities with a low-pressure schedule allowing teams to commit. The schedule allows for team practices, and other team events. The Alaska Futsal State Cup Tournament will take place in December.
AYSA will be responsible for sanctioning the Alaska Futsal League (AFL) and Alaska Futsal State Cup Tournament. Alaska Youth Soccer Association will provide facilities insurance coverage for all Futsal League activities. We look forward to working with the district clubs, teams, and players as we move forward to develop youth soccer statewide through futsal program opportunities.
Futsal is a high intensity, fast paced, dynamic, and enjoyable 5-a-side version of soccer that caters for both male and female participants. The only 5-a-side game that is officially recognized by FIFA and is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
Futsal is played on a smaller, hard-court surface with a smaller, low bounce ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls. Without the use of walls, futsal is a great skill-developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, and pin-point passing. The smaller court size, all players are constantly involved and there is never a dull moment, as defense transforms to attack in a split second. The court size helps players develop close control, quick decision making and speed and agility.
Futsal is played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Unlimited substitutions are permitted. The surface and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, technique and ball control and passing in small spaces.