Alaska Youth Soccer Mission

Purpose, Mission, and Core Values and Beliefs

Purpose: Our purpose is to develop youth soccer in the State of Alaska to its maximum possible potential. "Youth" means boys and girls under twenty (20) years of age.

Mission: Our mission is to provide leadership, administrate state level programs, educate our members and the public about the game of soccer, and coordinate youth soccer in the State of Alaska to accomplish the following measurable objectives:

Maximize the number of youth soccer players in Alaska at all ages and skill levels to expand opportunity for participation, and promote the visibility of the sport.

Maximize the number of USSF and NSCAA licensed youth soccer coaches at each coaching level to advance the level of player skill and competition.

Maximize the number of USSF licensed youth soccer referees at each licensed level to promote fair play and amplify knowledge of the rules.

Maximize the number and quality of playing fields and indoor facilities available for youth play to improve opportunities for play.

Provide an effective forum and central point for communication with the public and between all soccer players, coaches, referees, clubs and leagues in Alaska.

Alaska Youth Soccer Core Values

Core Values and Beliefs

The Alaska State Youth Soccer Association is a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) team. We believe in the Mission of USYSA, and agree to work within USYSA national rules and regulations to accomplish our purpose;

Soccer is fun and should remain that way;

Soccer is a lifetime family sport;

Every youth in Alaska who wants to play soccer is our concern.

Well organized youth sports help develop good character and sportsmanship;

Positive physical, mental and emotional growth and character development of our players is of prime importance. Kids are our first priority;

Youth soccer helps develop all around athletic skills;

There should be a continuum of development and participation of all members;

Athleticism is valuable as an individual accomplishment. We enjoy and encourage soccer at its highest level of play.

Education and communication are our best tools.

Safety and Fair Play are among our highest priorities.

Equal opportunity should be available to all players regardless of race, color or creed. Youth soccer programs should include the full spectrum of social, economic and cultural diversity within Alaska;

We should be financially responsible;

We believe in the value of positive role models;

We believe that all adult volunteers should be held accountable to exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and positive behavior in the presence of our players.

Volunteers are important assets and should be encouraged and cultivated.