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Close to 400 players tried out this year for AYS ADP programs, which is fantastic! We saw some exceptional play and thank everyone who tried out this year. With that, some of you will see your name on the list and some will not. As we mentioned at tryouts in August, not making the list doesn't mean you're a not a good player, it just means for this year that we feel you're not quite ready for the pool and we encourage you to continue to develop as a player. For those that make the pool, the evaluation process is not over; you need to continue to strive to develop as a player as well, as you're now trying to earn a spot for travel. This means you'll want to take a look at the schedules page for dates when we have training sessions so that you make each session and give yourself the best opportunity for travel.

  • Attire for Regional Training/Tryouts: We ask that all players wear a light shirt, dark shorts and dark socks and that NO CLUB gear is worn for these sessions. ALL Players should also bring a properly pumped up soccer ball to each session they attend.
  • Attendance of all sessions within one's Regional Training Center is expected, exceptions must be requested to the ADP Lead Staff ( or a minimum of 7 days prior to events to be considered excused. PLEASE NOTE: Unexcused absences may lead to disqualification from the pool. Players are more than welcome and encouraged to attend other Regional Training Center sessions, please notify ADP Lead Staff when doing so.


Girls ADP Pool Lists

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Boys ADP Pool Lists

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