Alaska Youth Soccer Policy & Guidelines
Player, Club, and General Polices
Club Pass for Players: POLICY NO:50706A1 Player/ Adult Passes for Competitive Play: POLICY NO: PP41606
Youth Players in Adult League: POLICY NO: PP50706 Team Rosters-Field Format: POLICY NO:AYS62815
Transfer for Competitive Player: POLICY NO: SC42016 * NEW 12-U Team Roster Size: POLICY NO: PP032413
10-U and Younger Comp Players: POLICY NO: PP060307 22 Players Roster: POLICY NO: PP40105
Player Financial Obligations: POLICY NO: PP62505 Team Uniforms: POLICY NO: PLP08082006 * NEW
Transfer to-from State Cup Teams: POLICY NO: SC42006 Anti-Enticement-Recruitment Policy: POLICY NO: AYSA5182014
11-U Participating in State Cup: POLICY NO: SC121006 Membership Club/League Policy: POLICY NO: AYS000104-214
Players Age of Play for Alaska 2016-2017- Updated 3-29-17 Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs at Sanctioned Events: POLICY NO: AYSA102004
ASAA/AYS-High School Club: POLICY NO: CP102204 ADP Refund and Withdraw Guidelines
Coach/Adult Code of Conduct: POLICY NO: AYS032011 Referee Assignments and Certification: POLICY NO: PP050117 * NEW
Single Team Division-State Cup: POLICY NO: SC070103 AYS Complaint Process: POLICY NO:
State Cup Withdraw, Refund and Forfeiture: POLICY NO: SC052001 US Youth Soccer Policy on Players & Playing Rules
Team Qualification-Amateur Leagues: POLICY NO: SC42007 Adult Verification: POLICY NO AYS082217-A * NEW
Scholarship Policy and Procedure for ADP: POLICY NO: ADP050917 Code of Conduct: POLICY NO AYS082217-B * NEW
Board Giving: POLICY NO: AYS050917 * NEW

AYSA Administrative and Reporting Forms
Certificates of Insurance (COI) Request- Facility Certificate for Affiliate club area locations, schools, sports facilities, etc. Club Membership Dues -
1)- Payment Player Membership Form 2)- Membership List Formula
Competitive Roster (sample)- Alaska Youth Soccer roster sample for Competitive Teams/ Tournaments. Alaska Youth Soccer Complaint Form - Review AYSA bylaws, rules, policies, or procedures violations prior to submitting form.
Club Medical Release Form (sample)- Medical Release forms are required for competitive players.
Tournament Participation non USYS- Player in accordance with USYS/ AYSA must have permission to play in Sanctioned Event.
Post- AYSA Report- Due within 30 days post conclusion of event.
Referee Assignor Report- Due within 30 days post conclusion of event.
Refund Policy
ALASKA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (ADP/ODP): Once a player has registered online for (tryouts, player pool, camps, trip commitments) fees are expected to be paid in full. For complete the ADP Withdrawal and Refund policy please read before registering player for the ADPPprogram. Refund and Withdraw Guidelines
COACH EDUCATION: Coaches registering for Education Programs will be expected to pay for course in full prior to state date of course. Coaches withdrawing from courses 14 days prior to event will be issued a refund, less an administrative fee. Coaches withdrawing 13 to 7 days prior to course will receive ½ refund. Coaches not attending the course without minimum 7 days notification of withdrawal will be expected to pay full fee due. Coaches that fail to attend the course and fail to give withdrawal notifcation of at least 24 hours will be charges an additional 50.00 "no show" fee plus the course fee.
STATE CUP: Up until the 3 week timeline prior to the event date any team that withdrawals their registration in the State Cup by giving a formal written notice to the AYSA State Office; will only receive 50% of their registration fee as a refund. Any team that withdrawals within the three (3) week window prior to the event will not receive their registration fee refund. If the team has not paid their registration fee they will still be expected to pay the amount due; including any late fees. State Cup Withdraw/Refund/ Forfeiture:
Policy & Guidelines
POLICY: A policy is the rule set by the Board of Directors. for all Affiliate Members under Alaska Youth Soccer to follow. Policies can be reviewed and modified by the Board of Directors as needed. Affiliate Member organizations may be stricter than Alaska Youth Soccer in their application of the policy, but not more lenient. The interpretation and enforcement of the policy is governed by the AYSA Office and Board of Directors. Exceptions should first be requested to the state office.
GUIDELINES: Not policy, but suggestions that Affiliate Members are encouraged to adopt as part of their program protocols.
BYLAWS: AYS Bylaws and overall governing document of the organizations. Bylaws can only be modified and changed at the AGM by the AYSA Board of Directors