Alaska Youth Soccer Club Toolkit
Alaska Youth Soccer has transitioned many forms to a new online registration platform for players, administrators, teams, leagues, and more. The platform streamlines most of the business practices of the AYSA into an online source, including Player and Team Forms, Adult Registration/ Background Checks, Insurance, Tournaments, AYSA Administrative and Reporting Forms, and AFL league registration/ scheduling.

AYSA Forms and Reports
Annual Affiliate Members Form for Club/ Association- Application for Affiliate Clubs- Annual Application (Due 10-15-18)
AYSA Sanctioned League- Application to Facilitate Sanctioned League- Annual Application (Due 10-15-18) * Paper Form
Sanctioned League Guidelines- Description of a recreational, competitive/travel, and sanctioned league and requirements
Certificates of Insurance (COI) - Facility Certificate for Affiliate area locations, schools, sports facilities, etc.Certificate will cover all the fields within the City of the Affiliate, all the school fields within the School District and the City Borough property fields/ facilities.
Accident-Incident Report Form- Due within 48- hours of Incident/ accident; for injury submit the Individual Insurance form.
Competitive Roster (sample)- Alaska Youth Soccer roster sample for Competitive Teams/ Tournaments.
Club Medical Release Form (sample)- Medical Release forms are required for competitive players. AYSA recommends clubs to update forms every 2 years to ensure all information is current, or as needed if player information changes within a calendar year.
Tournament Participation non USYS- Player in accordance with USYS/ AYSA must have permission to play in Sanctioned Event.
Post- AYSA Report- Due within 30 days post conclusion of Event or Tournament.
Post- Referee Assignor Report- Due within 30 days post conclusion of Event or Tournament.
New Club Affiliate Application - Formation of a new club with Alaska Youth Soccer
New Affiliate League Application- Formation of a new League with Alaska Youth Soccer
Alaska Youth Soccer Complaint Form - Review AYSA bylaws, rules, policies, or procedures violations prior to submitting form.
Background Checks
Adult Seasonal Passes
US Youth Soccer adult seasonal passes will be issued through the approved Alaska Youth Soccer State website and program. Currently, AYSA is utilizing Bonzi. Each affiliate club and /or association must establish and maintain an account with Bonzi Corporation. All adult volunteers requiring a seasonal pass will be registered in the Bonzi system. This will assure that AYSA programs and leagues are following the standard that is common practice for all clubs with US Youth Soccer. AYSA requires that each adult working within the youth program have submitted and passed their annual Adult Background Check through AYSA.
Abuse Prevention Systems Training
Alaska Youth Soccer has zero tolerance for abuse; the Adult Verification Policy and Guidelines are intended to create a safe and nurturing environment in which athletes may receive the benefits unique to sports participation, preparation, and competition.The training will provide better understanding of the risk of child sexual abuse, information necessary to protect athletes from sexual abuse, and the adult responsibility to act in the best interest of the athlete.The Awareness Training is required for all individuals over eighteen years of age participating in the programs of the Association or Alaska Affiliate Member Associations. The training and renewal every two years must be done prior to interaction with athletes and sports activities.
Required Individuals Include; Affiliate Member adult coaching staff, directors, administrators, employees, BOD Members, volunteer coaches, team managers, trainers, chaperones, club volunteers, and certified referees. Thepolicy will be used for all AYSA employees, contract staff, contract coaches, and BOD Members; refer to the Adult Verification: POLICY AYS082217-A
Team Manager Checklist
1) Know all your Club Contacts: Registrar, Club Administrators, Coaching Staff, Board Representative.
2) Know your District Commissioner Representative and Member at Large Representative.
3) Ensure adults on Team Roster have successfully passed the Background Check and completed the Abuse Prevention Training.
4) Verify player(s) name (legal only) and birth date to match the roster; have current Medical Release form for each player.
5) Competitive Sample Roster- Alaska Youth Soccer roster sample for Competitive Tournaments.
6) Make yourself easily available (cell phone, email) especially important on game day.
7) Always have a copy or have access to a list of team members, parents, and coaches (phone numbers/ mail addresses).
8) List of important dates (i.e. registration deadlines, tournaments, travel permits, guest player guidelines).
9) Bring your official roster and USYS Sanctioned Player / Coach Cards to each and every game.
10) Know the AYSA Weather Policy, Concussion Notification Procedure, Insurance Claim Form for injuries, and AYSA Player, Club, and General Polices for players, clubs, and teams.
Team Travel
Teams Traveling will apply for the "Annual Travel Permit" for all US Youth Soccer Events/ Tournaments. Valid Nov 1-Oct 31. This must be submitted in advance of your team traveling outside the state of Alaska (exception: teams traveling to Presidents Cup or FWR). Requests are approved by the AYSA State Office.
Travel Rosters: Once a Travel Permit is approved by AYSA, you will submit the official travel roster for approval. The travel roster will show all eligible team members, and coaches. Guest players can be used if the event or tournament allows.
Host Instructions: Please follow the event/ tournament instructions when adding :Guesting Players" to your team, registration age guidelines, and required forms. AYSA reviews and approves guest player forms if eligible, and presented at least 72 hours prior to travel or the tournament event.
International Travel
  • International Travel Instructions:
  • Submit Annual Travel Permit
  • Complete all U.S. Soccer forms:
  • US. Soccer Application for Foreign Travel
  • Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act for Foreign Travel
  • Documents Required for USSF Approval:
  • US. Soccer Application for Foreign Travel.
  • Signed Ted Stevens Amateur Sports Act for Foreign Travel.
  • Copy of Official brochure, pamphlet, invitation or other applicable material of the tournament or games Host.
  • Copy of Official roster (printed and stamped by AYSA).
  • Check for the non-refundable Travel Application Fee of $50 made payable to U.S. Soccer

Submit completed forms to the AYSA State Office for review and state certification of U.S. Soccer forms at least 60 days prior to the date of departure.(Applications not received 30 days prior to departure may be denied by U.S. Soccer.) AYSA will forward all documentation to U.S. Soccer for review and approval. Approved applications will be sent out by U.S. Soccer.


  • Club/ Player Form Fee Payment

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Sanctioned Events
ADULT VERIFICATION; All adults INCLUDING THOSE not registered with an Alaska Affiliated Club must submit an AYSA background check application, review the AYSA Code of Conduct, and complete the Abuse Prevention Training. Out of state staff coaches who have a current approved background check certificate, and Abuse Prevention Training certificate will need to submit the documents to the AYSA State Office for approval prior to conducting the sanctioned event in Alaska
AYSA Contact Information
Linda Burke
Executive Director
(907) 887-6550
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