Phase 4- ADP Alaska State Team Travel

The ADP State Travel Events will allow players the opportunity to represent Alaska in Regional Competition in addition to providing opportunities to be seen by college coaches. The Alaska ADP State Travel Teams will be announced by the end of August. Players will register for their age group team within seven-days. (if a player is unable to attend a Travel Event due to illness, injury or personal conflict contact ADP Director immediately so an alternate can be invited).

Small State Friendlies & Alaska Team Training Camp
Nov 6-10, 2019
Age Group: 2008 - 2004 Boys and Girls
Location: Boise, ID

Timbers Alliance Showcase & Timbers ID Camp
Dec 12-15, 2019
Age Group: 2003- 2001 Boys and Girls
Location: Portland, OR

ODP Championships- Jan 2-5, 2020
Age Group: 2008- 2003 Boys and Girls
Location: Phoenix, AZ

PacNW College Showcase- Jan 17-20, 2020
Age Group: 2002- 2001 Boys and Girls
Location: Seattle, WA

Timbers Friendship Cup- May 22- 25, 2020
Age Group: 2008 Boys and Girls / Cancelled
Location: Portland, OR
ADP State Team Travel- Price Breakdown (2019-2020)
Small State Friendlies NorthWest College Tour (optional)
Age Group: 2008 - 2004 Boys and Girls Age Group: HS Sophomores & Juniors
Fee: $550 - Travel Guide
Fee: $1,100
Timbers Alliance College Showcase
Age Group: 2003 - 2001 Boys and Girls
Fee: $600 - Travel Guide ADP State Team Camp
ODP Championships Tournament Age Group: 2008 - 2003 Boys and Girls
Age Group: 2008 - 2003 Boys and Girls Fee: $480
Fee: $650 - Travel Guide
PacNW College Showcase
Age Group: 2002 - 2001 Boys and Girls
Fee: $500 - Travel Guide
Alaska State Team Travel Information (2019-2020)
1 ADP Team Commitment Deadline
The ADP State Travel Teams for all age groups will be announced by the end of August. Players are to register for their age group team within seven-days or ADP will invite another player. By accepting your position on the ADP State Travel Team, you agree to attend the Travel Team Events listed in your age group. If you are unable to attend one event, please contact Brain Lux the ADP Director immediately so an alternate can be invited.
2 ADP Player Requirements
Acceptance of position on the ADP State Travel Team, requires registration within seven-days of selection announcement.
Player Program Fee will be $125.00 per individual plus the two travel events in the players age group, registration will be due upon acceptance of the position in the State Travel Team Pool. - (Player Program Fee was in previous years the "Player Pool Fee" of $300)
Travel Payment- Fees must be paid during registration (to make payment arrangements contact AYSA).
Travel Airfare- The ADP Travel Coordinator will send travel guidelines/ dates for purchasing airfare. Airfare is not included in the travel payment.
Traveling Attire- Players will wear ADP Nike Warm-up top to all events, including traveling by air. NO CLUB Gear Allowed.
Equipment- Players will wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball to each session/ trip.
Cell Phones- Phones/ Electronics will be collected at curfew and redistributed at breakfast.
3 ADP Team Guidelines
ADP will be responsible for reserving lodging for the travel teams. Teams will be assigned a coach and manager during the trip. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join the team event, but please note the ADP Program requires players to travel as a team. Players are expected to travel with ADP Staff including the airport, team competition, meals, and team meetings. Players will be assigned rooms with their teammates; no special request on roommates will be honored. ADP Transportation cannot be provided for parents due to policy.
4 ADP Release Forms
Completion and submittal of the required State Team Pool Forms must be received prior to participating in the ADP program.
5 Refund and Withdraw
The Alaska Youth Soccer (AYSA) Refund and Withdraw Guidelines are the following for a player invite into the ADP program; State Team Pool, Travel Team, ODP Camps or ODP Events. The acceptance of the position either by written or verbal to (AYSA) ADP staff is the Parent/Guardian acknowledgment and agreement to pay the additional required program fees. The (ADP) Refund and Withdraw Guidelines for the ADP Season.
ADP Withdrawal Request - Online form officially notifies the ADP Staff to remove player from commitment to Travel/ Camp Team.