ADP State Team Camp (Age Groups 2008-2004)

All selected players (2004-2008) will be evaluated at the Sub-Regional Residential Camp (UAA) which will lead as a pathway of early player identification, team development, and player team advancement opportunities. The State Team Camp will provide an opportunity for players to be coached by Regional Coaching staff and to train at an elite level with other Alaska players.

ADP Sub-Regional Residential Camp
University of Alaska, Anchorage
August 4 - 7, 2019

Cost: $480 (includes camp, housing, meals)
Payment Deadline: Thursday July 18, 2019

Check-In Times: 3 - 4 pm (Aug 4, UAA)
Check-Out Time: 12 pm (Aug 7, Lloyd Steele)

Lodging: Bedding items provided
Meals: UAA provides meals
Camp Ratio: Players supervised by ADP Staff and Managers, Region Staff Coach ratio of 1:10.
Charter Transportation- Players may take the charter to Fairbanks at completion of the camp. ($50 per player; includes Subway meal in Denali
Out of Town Travel- Airline Reservations- Arrive close to 2-3 pm / departure after 1:30 pm; Staff will provide rides to/ from the airport.
ADP State Team Camp Information (2019)
The Alaska Youth Soccer (ADP) Program will offer to Alaska's best soccer players: an in-state residential camp with Region Staff Coaches. The unique camp provides players in the State Team Pool greater player development, refined player selection, and team bonding in one location for an extended period of time. Training directly with West Region National staff providing more time to evaluate our players and invite more to West Region ODP camps.
1 ADP Player Payment Deadline
When you receive a player invite you are to register within seven-days to remain in the team pool. Players (2004-2008) will be evaluated at the Sub-Regional Residential Camp in August. Payment due by (July 18, 2019) the fee will be applied to your account. Please Note: If you are unable to attend the camp, please contact Brain Lux the ADP Director immediately so remain in the pool.
2 ADP Player Requirements
Equipment- Players will wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball to each session/ trip.
Cell Phones- Phones/ Electronics will be collected at curfew and redistributed at breakfast.
Curfew- Participants will not be outside of their room after 10:00 pm each night.
Expecations- Participants will be roomed with 1 other player; no rooming requests.
Supervision- Participants will be monitored in a 10:1 ratio of players to coaches/managers and Participants will never travel alone on the UAA Campus..
Out of Town Travel- Airline Reservations- Arrive close to 2-3 pm / departure after 1:30 pm; staff will provide rides to/ from the airport.
3 ADP Release Forms
Completion and submittal of the required State Team Pool Forms must be received prior to participating in the ADP program.
4 Refund and Withdraw
The Alaska Youth Soccer (AYSA) Refund and Withdraw Guidelines are the following for a player invite into the ADP program; State Team Pool, Travel Team, ODP Camps or ODP Events. The acceptance of the position either by written or verbal to (AYSA) ADP staff is the Parent/Guardian acknowledgment and agreement to pay the additional required program fees. The (ADP) Refund and Withdraw Guidelines for the ADP Season.
ADP Withdrawal Request - Online form officially notifies the ADP Staff to remove player from commitment to Travel/ Camp Team.
5 ADP Contacts
Dan Rufner: Camp Coordinator: and Brian Lux; ADP Director